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Realizing A Dream

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

"Turning a manuscript into a book is easy; getting the manuscript ready to become a book is hard." -A.P. Fuchs

My husband, Steven, posing inside Barnes & Nobles.


Traditional Publishing

If you read my first blog, you know I published my first book, Disturbance in the Darkness: A Fated Encounter, at the dying request of Grandpa Taylor. Before then, I wrote and saved my fictional worlds onto floppy disks or USB drives and stored them away. I assumed like most closet writers, I believed nothing I wrote was worth sharing outside close family and friends. Other than hearing about query letters, I knew nothing about the publishing world and because I did not have much time before Grandpa's passing, I published quick and dirty on Amazon.

Four years have passed since that nerve-racking day I clicked submit. I have learned a lot about the world of publishing and after having the novel professionally edited, I did some light marketing. I have grown a modest gathering of fans, all wanting to know when book 2, Whispers of the Dead, will be released.

Working sixty hours a week in health care, I have little time to write. I have made the decision to seek out an agent to help put the novel in the hands of thousands of readers in the hopes of one day bidding a fond farewell to the health care industry to pursue my passion. With this said, I have removed the novel from the market until I know the rules for my chosen agency regarding pre-self-published works.

Until then, my friends, stay safe and keep reading. As always, you can find any updates on the News & Events section of my website at , Facebook at , or Twitter at .

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