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Disturbance in The Darkness:

A Fated Encounter


Jonny’s nightmares have returned for the first time since therapy. He hoped never to relive his past, especially after the luck which delivered him from that hellhole. It had been roughly two decades since he landed on his grandparents’ stoop, barely alive. Now he has a son, Jacob, no wife, and a close-knit family to provide for with his floundering repair shop, but it is his, and he is content. He never talked about his past and hoped never to be forced, but all that’s changed since Cheyenne arrived.

Cheyenne has her own trouble, only her trouble is everyone else’s danger. She can’t remember a time free of it. It has relished in parading its kills in front of her like trophies, especially the children. And now it seems to have taken a keen interest in Jonny . . . and his son; she doesn’t know why, but it might be a clue to rid herself of this creature once and for all. But how does she gather information without endangering them?

Fate keeps pulling Cheyenne and Jonny closer than either is comfortable as they race to discover one another's secrets. Jonny goes to desperate lengths to insulate his family from Cheyenne and her companion, even taking her to his childhood prison. Cheyenne goes to equally desperate lengths to ensure their safety, even if it means her own demise. All the while, Cheyenne’s shadowy parasite licks its lips, savoring its next meal.

An author you want on your bookshelf! This novel gave me Stephen king vibes, with a more modern take. The characters were all fantastic, I loved getting to know them all and seeing them develop as the story progressed. The horror and suspense were incredible - talk about a cliffhanger!! I can’t wait to read the author's next book.

 Paige L, United Kingdom

A new Author to watch for! If you are looking for a new Author that will keep you on the edge of your seat and continually guessing, this is the thriller for you! I don’t normally read paranormal thrillers but this had me guessing all the way through and now I’m waiting for the next book! Characters have tons of depth, Ardnas has you rooting for them while they traverse unseen evils as well as past evils.
Both my Mom and I are anxiously awaiting to find out what happens to Johnny and Cheyenne.

Michelle W, USA

I'm not normally much of a reader but I found this book pretty enthralling. The writer really keeps a good pace and the characters are written well enough to make you feel for each of them. The suspense is setup to keep you flipping to the next chapter so prepare yourself for late nights, if you read in bed.

Steven M. USA

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